Would you feel like a PRO?







Every morining we will do a Rollerski training from our base in Port de Sóller

Afternoon Training

Every day you can do different cross-trainings in the afternoons: Gym, Kayak, Run,...



Rollerski Mallorca and Team Koteng will organize interestings talks.

Double room

in Half Board

FERGUS Sóller Beach Hotel (You will rest, eat and speak with the Team).



Full board or Single room

Rent material

Poles 100% Carbon / Rollerskis

Transfer Airport

Pick up Airport - Hotel - Airport

Sport Massage

After trainings, in the Hotel




Arrival: Palma Mallorca (PMI)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to training with a group?

No, don't worry about it! With the car assistance we will give you all what you need to feel like a pro.

Where we will eat?

We will eat in the Hotel (Buffet) with the Team Koteng and the staff.

Where will i be staying?

Mallorca is a varied island but not a large island. We will stay in one of the bests ubications for practise sports: Rollerski, Cycling, Triathlon, Running, Trail running,... and the Fergus Soller Beach is a 4 star hotel right at the beach, that has great experience catering to demanding pro- and advanced amateur athletes who often stay there: comfortable beds, healthy food and access to post-training necessities like massage Port de Soller is a true jewel of Mallorca just 30' by car to PMI Airport.

What should i bring along?

We could provide rollerskis and poles, subject to additional charge - but, obviously, feel free to bring your own. Dit to for ski boots and helmet.

For trail running session make sure you bring your favorite pair of all-terrain( trail) running shoes - the surface will be part beaten track/part gravel.

What does a training session with Team Koteng looks like?

Too long to describe so we keep it down to one word: Fun! Bear in mid that pro-skiers from Koteng tend to use Wheels 4 and 5 training - in our camp last year there were advanced amateurs who could keep up with their pace for quite a while - while using wheel 2 and 3.

How steep are uphills and descents on rollerski tracks you see?

General profile of tracks is similar to that of Visma Ski Classics series races where Team Koteng is a leading contender - not as steep as the FIS World Cup circuits but not flat either. No worries for the downhills. Before, we explain you about specify and if you think that can't do it, you can go with a car assistance.

There is one exception: the training session at the the famous Sa Calobra is for ambitious and well prepared skier for a heavy up!

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Stian Hoelgaard

2º Vasaloppet 2019

3º Vasaloppet 2018

3º Vasaloppet 2017

John K. Dahl

Winner Vasaloppet 2017

Winner Vasaloppet 2016

Winner Vasaloppet 2014

Tore B. Berdal

Winner Vasaloppet 2019

2º Marcialonga 2018

Winner Prologue Pro T 2015

Chris Jespersen

2º Reistadlopet 2018

x9 WC podiums

x3 WC Victories

Torleif Syrstad

3º Vasaloppet 2019

14º Birkebeinerrennet 2018

17º Vasaloppet 2018

Lars Andersson

Pro team Director

Bernhard Ronning

Pro team Director

Astrid O. Slind

3º Marcialonga 2019

Winner Yllas Levi 2018

2º Vasaloppet 2018


Mr. Korhonen

"I highly recommend this concept. Manu and the Team Koteng are more helpful and fun than i could have ever imagined."

MRW 2017 Participant

Mr. Tomren

"Its a very good format for learn and training near to the profesional athletes."

MRW 2018 Participant

Mr. Rehn

"Always good training hard and take the sun."

MRW 2017 Participant

Mr. Morten Eidem

"We will see you the next year!"

MRW 2018 Participant


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